It is a joy to be able to tell you how much God has blessed the work here in Haiti in the past few months. Since holding our Teen Camp in February, we have seen a movement of the hand of God among the young people at our church. They have been regularly attending Sunday school, going out on weekly visitation, and memorizing verses to receive Bibles and song books.

We recently had our 3rd Annual Faith Promise Missions Conference at Eglise Baptist Bon Nouvel in Bas Guacimal, Haiti. A team from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Benson, NC came. Pastor Tim bass along with Pastor Richard Maxime (a Haitian national church planter from near Port de Paix, Haiti) preached, and it was a tremendous time of encouragement and challenge. We exceeded our goal from last year and increased our Faith Promise goal for this year. With this we were able to take on our third missionary for bi-monthly support.

Pastor Bass preached from Psalm 34:8, the Haitians in our church were able to taste M&Ms for the first time, as he related it to how we need to share the good news of how good God is with those who have never experienced the goodness of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

In a recent email to a friend I had this to say about the goodness of God.

“God IS so very good! Doesn’t it seem inadequate to try and describe how good God is? I think we are going to have to have a new language in heaven to really describe the goodness and beautifulness of God when we see Him face to face. In Revelation 5 the Bible says we will sing a new song in Heaven. The longer I live and the more things I see God do, I realize how inadequate my mouth and my life are to praise God!”

Truly God is better to us all than we deserve. I deserve Hell, but God, through His Son Jesus Christ, gave me salvation and a future home in Heaven. Many times I hear people say to us that we are making a sacrifice to leave the USA and go to Haiti. There is some truth to this statement, but when we compare our “sacrifice” to what Jesus gave up to come to this earth and to live and to die a horrible death on the cross, we have yet to begin making any kind of sacrifice at all.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry here in Haiti. Please keep up the prayers! Some of you have sent in extra financial gifts to make up for some lost support not knowing of the need because we never mentioned it. Because of the prayers of the saints, God has nudged some of you to send extra funds here and there or to send a one-time gift. It is through your prayers that God has provided and will continue to provide for some larger needs we have at present. Thank you again for all of your support for the ministry.