Thank you for your interest in Open Door Baptist Missions’ A.P.P.S. Internship Program in Haiti. APPS stands for Avenues of Practical Preparation for Service.

We first came to the field in 2006 following God’s call on our life to plant churches. Since then our ministry has grown as God has stretched our faith. We have learned so much while being on the field here in Haiti. For example I have learned how to clean and rebuild a carburetor on a generator. I have learned how to install a water filtration system. I have learned how to change head gaskets on an ATV. I have learned how to stitch a cut. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all God has allowed me to learn, not to mention all the spiritual lessons of totally trusting in HIM!

If this list caught you off guard, then you were like I was before we came to the field. While in college and working in the ministry for over 20 years in the states, I learned a lot about the Bible and the ministry, but I was not prepared for the obstacles we would face trying to keep my family alive in a third world country. I was fortunate that I grew up as a PK – that’s right a Plumber’s Kid. My dad taught me many things, and we came to work with veteran missionaries here in Haiti. There are some prospective missionaries that might make it to the field, but run into problems and leave the field. Consider the following statistics which we found staggering.


Independent Baptist Missionaries

In 1950 there were 100,000 missionaries.
Since 1950 we have lost 1,000 missionaries per year.
Only 50 take their place – we are running out of people.
Today there are approximately 29,000 missionaries worldwide.
There are only about 5,000 Independent Baptist Missionary families serving on foreign fields.
43% of missionaries never complete deputation.
75% of missionaries return home within the first three years and never go back to a foreign field.
1,000 American Missionaries return home each year.
Less than 1% of students attending a Bible College ever consider the mission field.
by Gil Anger

In 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul tells Timothy to teach others so they can go out and to teach others also. With this verse and the above statistics in mind, I believe that God has led us to start the APPS Program here in Haiti where interns can experience first-hand the challenges that they might one day face on the field.

If you or someone you know may be interested, please download the information packet and pray for God to prepare your heart, life, and way.

To download the A.P.P.S. Brochure or the A.P.P.S. Missionary Internship Program Information.