Things have been busy here in our part of Haiti.  We had our 3rd anniversary celebration at our church in Ba Guacimal in October.  In November the construction team came to get started on the Mission Team Guest House.  As soon as the team left we had a stomach flu that went through our household and put us out of commision for a week, but we were up and going after that.  School exams finished on the 21st of December and Christmas Vacation was on.  We have used the time off from school to do some extra things around the house and to plan for the upcoming events of 2013.

For the upcoming year we have chosen 2Cor. 9:15 for our theme verse at Good News Baptist Church.

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

God has been so good to us and our people at the church.  No one was injured in the earthquake in 2010.  No one died from the cholera outbreak in 2011 and they have had several blessings over 2012.  God is so good and we need to thank Him more!