June 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Recently after teaching the children about the armor of God, Madelyn put on the makeshift “armor” that she used for her lesson – a plastic helmet and breastplate, her brother’s belt, and rain boots – and posed for a picture.  We joked that she was trying to set a new fashion trend.  But just one week later, after several days of heavy spiritual oppression, we were jolted back into reality.  The reality is that daily we are in the midst of a fierce battle with Satan, and the stakes are too high to give up.  When David saw Goliath, he asked a simple question about the battle, “Is there not a cause?”

The first cause that we fight for is the Cause of Winning Lost Souls.  Recently we had our Faith Promise Missions Conference where our church increased their missions giving by 53%.  For the next five weeks, we will be stretching our physical selves to the limit in order to have Vacation Bible Schools, a Children’s Crusade, and a Deaf Camp.  We will also host an audiologist who will visit to test the hearing for our deaf.  Why put forth all of the effort, and why is Satan fighting so hard against everything we are planning?  Because there is the possibility that one lost soul will hear the gospel, and a life will be changed forever.

The second cause that we fight for is the Cause of Making Disciples.  Our work must continue after we are gone.  June not only brings the end of school for almost 400 students in our three Christian schools, but June will also bring the completion of the new church building.  We will also host our first intern who will be coming to learn about life on the mission field.  Three weeks of sign language classes for the hearing will hopefully burden several Haitian men and women to work with the deaf.  A Marriage Seminar in July will strengthen the homes of our church people.  Why put our time and energy into the lives of these people, and why is Satan attacking us spiritually, physically, and emotionally?  Because there is the possibility that just one of these disciples will carry forth the work in the future.

But perhaps the greatest cause that we fight for is the Cause of Bringing Glory to God.  David stood before Goliath and fought with one purpose, “that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”  We too want to continue to fight the battle, no matter the cost, in a way that men would see our good works and glorify, not the Pearts, but the God of Heaven who saved us by His grace.

This prayer letter is a plea for prayer for physical, spiritual, and emotional strength for the battles that are sure to come in the weeks ahead as we endeavor to fight for the Cause of Christ.  But praise the Lord that we can go, by faith, with God’s sure and steadfast promise found in Deuteronomy 3:22, “Ye shall not fear them; for the Lord your God, He shall fight for you!”


  • Souls Saved
  • Walls of Church Finished
  • Baptized 3 Young Men
  • God’s Daily Grace and Strength
  • Increased Faith Promise Giving
  • Funds Provided for Completion of the Church


Prayer Requests

  • Safety and Health
  • Political Stability during Haiti’s Interim Government
  • Souls to be Saved
  • Wisdom and Direction in the Ministry
  • Benjamin as he works at the Bill Rice Ranch this summer
  • Daily spiritual, physical, and emotional strength

Fighting for His Cause,

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart